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Jennifer Ishiguro, VP of Research, Experience Design and Service Excellence, ATB Financial

Episode details:

The Designing Next podcast is taking some time off to start the year, so we’re sharing one of our favorite episodes from 2020. We’ll be back with new episodes soon! Please enjoy!- Steve & Chad

There are very few organizations in the world that have not attempted some form of digital transformation - it is an initiative that most of us have experience with. Yet, after 20+ years of digital transformation, many efforts still fail. Why is that? We explore that question in this episode of Designing Next with Jennifer Ishiguro, Vice President of Research, Experience Design, and Service Excellence at ATB Financial.

Jennifer’s background has been at the intersection of Digital, Design, and Business for her entire career. As her graduate studies have added behavioral science to her expertise, her perspective on digital transformation has evolved. She has become even more focused on understanding how human-focused, behavioral approaches can not only help to drive business results but connect with customers and team members alike. In this episode, we speak to Jen about her role at ATB Financial, and how she brings a human perspective to their transformation efforts. 

When you listen to this episode, you can look forward to learning: 

  • Why current approaches to transformation do more damage than good
  • The importance of understanding how motivation drives people and drives change in transformational efforts
  • Why Jen believes that the term “change management” doesn’t set the right tone for the humans who are part of transformation efforts
  • Why Jen prefers to use the term humility instead of empathy 

Chad and Steve learned so much from Jennifer during this episode, and we know our listeners will as well. 

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