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Tonya Browning, Vice President, Dell Digital Design, Dell Technologies

Episode details:

This episode’s guest is Tonya Browning, Vice President, Dell Digital Design at Dell Technologies. As the first Vice President of Design in Dell’s IT organization, Dell Digital, Tonya is building a modern design practice as the organization transforms and adopts modern methodologies as well as new technologies. She oversees digital design, analytics, generative content, UX engineering, research and customer satisfaction measures.

As we’ll hear in our conversation, she is an expert in and passionate about design, software engineering, usability, content and accessibility. She has many varied experiences, implementing enterprise level applications and digital experiences for PayPal, Express Scripts/Cigna, Magento, Visa, as well as a number of startups (including one she founded).  

There is so much to talk about with Tonya, she has a unique passion and a really interesting perspective across a number of subjects. Look forward to learning: 

  • What she has learned about design from her experience at organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprise organizations.
  • Tonya’s three key waypoints around design leadership at large companies. 
  • Why failing fast is important from a design perspective, how it works best and why it sometimes doesn’t work. 
  • The advice that Tonya has for those who want to bring more of a design focus and mindset to their organizations. 

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