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Joe Smiley, Group Design Manager, Blizzard Entertainment

Episode details:

In this episode of the Designing Next Podcast, we’re joined by Joe Smiley, Group Design Manager at Blizzard Entertainment. Joe’s passion is designing + developing extraordinary digital products via Human-Centered Design to explore consumers’ motivations & needs. Then utilizing those deep insights to design products that solve their challenges and fulfill unmet needs. His career has spanned 20 years, utilizing his design experience with firms ranging from AOL to PwC to Marriot to eTrade and now Blizzard Entertainment. 

Joe is passionate about the role design can play in organizations large and small. You’ll hear that passion throughout this episode’s conversation. Look forward to learning: 

  • How Joe has seen the role of the designer evolve over the last 20 years. 
  • What it means to be a design-driven company. 
  • The advice Joe would give leaders who want to integrate design further into their organization
  • Why Joe wants to focus on the role of education in design thinking and why he believes we should change STEM to STEAM - adding art to science, technology, engineering and math 

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