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Paul Puopolo, Executive Vice-President of Innovation, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Episode details:

In our first episode of the Fall season, we are talking innovation with Paul Puopolo, Executive Vice-President of Innovation at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Not only is it interesting to explore innovation in the aviation and airport industry, but Paul brings the podcast an incredible depth of knowledge and experience in innovation as a whole.

Paul has had an interesting path to his role today leading innovation for one of the busiest airports in the United States. He served over 12 years in the U.S. Navy and then entered the corporate world in the health insurance space, holding several roles at Humana, leaving after 9 years as their Director of Consumer Innovation. He then moved onto Highmark, holding the role of Vice President of Business Innovation, before spending two years at MetLife as Vice-President of Innovation. He’s been in his current role at DFW for three years.

In this episode, Paul shares a lot of interesting insights and learnings around innovation. Look forward to learning:

  • The commonalities has seen in the successful innovation projects he has been a part of
  • What he wished he knew “then” - the advice he would give to those building a career in innovation
  • How Paul sees the differences between being an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur
  • Paul Puopolo’s four P’s - the four key elements Paul believes are crucial to the success of any innovation initiative

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