Redefining the patient experience to and through healthcare

By making customers a part of the journey mapping process, Cast & Hue enabled our emergency department staff to see their experience in a totally different light. The opportunities for improvement were truly unexpected, and we co-created a new service experience to impact those defining moments.

- Katy Rigsby, System VP, Customer Insights at OhioHealth

Developing a better understanding of the patient and their journey.

Today, healthcare consumers are better informed, demanding the ability to compare options, and are more confident with their decisions. As a result, the patient experience, both as the patient selects where to receive care and their experience as they receive care, will be a differentiator for your organization.

Cast & Hue partners with forward-thinking healthcare organizations to uncover, design and improve online and offline experiences throughout the continuum of care.

Our methods

We use a human-centered design approach to uncover when, where, why, and how consumer journeys intersect with your organization, so we can create exceptional and meaningful experiences.


Segmentation groups your consumer populations based on patterns of past experiences, behaviors, attitudes, goals, intent or other strategically relevant factors. The resulting structure enables your organization to identify, contrast and prioritize audience groups based on similar needs or revenue potential.

Persona Development

A persona transforms the data from segmentation analysis into living, breathing, relatable character that can improve your care staffs ability to deliver empathic care and your marketing teams to create content that resonates.

Journey Mapping

Healthcare Consumer Journey Mapping Workshops bring patients and organizational leaders together as the patients map their journey as healthcare consumers in great detail, outlining important touch points, vital messaging and the moments of truth (Crux Points) along their journey.

Experience Mapping

In our patient experience mapping workshops, patients, care teams and other leaders collaborate to map out the experience of the patient in comparison to their desired experience, pinpoint the gaps, understand their emotional journey and identify opportunities to create new and better experiences.

Design Thinking

These collaborative, problem-solving sessions consist of exercises guiding participants through the process of developing empathy, defining problems and co-creating solutions.

Experience Design

Utilizing all of the insights, data and understanding gained, new and relevant experiences are developed that provides comfort to patients and, most importantly, contributes to better outcomes and improved satisfaction.

The outcome

Using our proven approach, patients, providers and care teams will all benefit through:

  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Increased patient loyalty and retention
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Improved CAHPS scores
  • Decreased readmissions
  • Increased market share
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • More consistent reimbursement

Ready to see the people you serve in a whole new light?

All of our patient-centered solutions are custom-designed based on our clients’ objectives, answering questions such as:

  • How might we better understand the points at which our care experience is not meeting patient expectations?
  • How might we design improved care experiences that lead to improved loyalty, advocacy and satisfaction scores?
  • How might we bring world-class innovation to our organization on an accelerated timeline?
  • How might we develop an environment where we can gain alignment and collaboration across the silos in our organization?
  • How might we better understand our patients and potential patients based on their healthcare motivations and intent?
  • How might we ensure that we are at the top of the consideration set when members of our community are deciding where to receive care?