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How Hospitals are Becoming Partners with the Patient and Family in their Care Using Technology

Hospitals and Health Networks

When a patient is discharged, it doesn’t necessarily mean their healthcare journey is over. Often, there is a disconnect between the provider and patient once the patient leaves the hospital. This article by Suzanna Hoppszallern for Hospitals and Health Networks, highlights ways in which providers can go beyond the hospital and interact with patients and their families after treatment has ended.

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Hospitals Rethink Prices as Patients Grow More Cost-Conscious

Modern Healthcare

As high deductible health plans are becoming more and more prevalent, patients are increasingly being asked to pay out of pocket for certain treatments. However, from the patient’s perspective, these price can seem somewhat arbitrary. This article by Melanie Evans for Modern Healthcare helps to demystify the healthcare industry’s pricing process, as well and show how hospital systems are rethinking how they go about determining pricing to better serve their patients.

Hospitals Face Budget Woes with Switch to Electronic Records

Stat News

For a health system to stay relevant, migrating to electronic health records is absolutely essential. However, the process of switching to EHRs is time-consuming and costly. Recently, hospitals are reporting dips in earnings as a result of the costs associated with making the switch. This article by Melissa Bailey for Stat News shares the many ways in which the change to EHRs has affected systems across the U.S. and how they are coping with these changes.

Unlocking the Value in Unstructured Data

HealthLeaders Media

It’s no secret that many healthcare systems have been collecting data to help drive various initiatives such as value-based care and population health, but new research shows that the unstructured data generated from Electronic Health Records has more uses than we previously considered. This article, by Scott Mace for HealthLeaders Media, showcases how health systems are using data to accomplish a variety of tasks, from generating predictive analytics on congestive heart failure, to creating customer profiles based on call-center data.


Your New Medical Team: Algorithms and Physicians

New York Times

As technology gets smarter and faster, healthcare gets better and better. And, with this ever-increasing rate of technological innovation, could your doctor one day be replaced by a machine? In this article for the New York Times, Austin Frakt says the answer may be “yes”. This article showcases the many ways in which computers and technology are using algorithms to predict and even treat a wide array of medical issues, ranging from diagnosing Kidney disease with the help of IBM’s Watson supercomputer to creating automated systems to expedite the patient care process. 

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