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Improve Patient Experiences in Two Sentences

HealthLeaders Media

While there is more technology than ever that promises to “improve the patient experience,” often times the best way to improve an experience doesn’t involve technology at all. That’s what Barbara Jacobs, CNO of Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, MD found. Jacobs is working with her team to develop personal connections between staff and patients at Anne Arundal, which she believes is a high impact, low effort tactic to improve the patients’ experiences and, in turn, their outcomes. Read on to learn more about her efforts.


FTC Signals Aggressive Stance on Healthcare Mergers


Healthcare systems have clearly been growing steadily over the last few decades especially due to advancements in healthcare technology and patient care, but are hospital systems getting to be too large? The FTC seems to think so as they have been increasing action towards blocking several large health system mergers. this article by Bruce Japsen for Forbes looks at both sides of the argument and investigates what each outcome means for the healthcare consumer.


Drchrono Launches iPhone EHR, Claims App is First 'Fully Functional' Platform

Healthcare IT News

Accessibility is key for introducing new tech into a healthcare system, and Drchrono is poised to bring EHRs to the masses. As of right now, most EHR’s are stored in the vast maze of healthcare IT networks, but what if they were available in the palm of your hand? This article by Tom Sullivan for Healthcare IT News showcases the first ‘fully functional’ EHR app for iPhone by Drchrono and what it means for the future of the patient experience.


The Value of Successful Patient Experiences

Healthcare Executive Insight

Optimizing the patient experience is and will continue to be an important topic for all health care leaders. Not only do HCAHPS scores potentially affect financial reimbursement for a hospital or healthcare system, but studies have shown that an improved patient experience can help improve outcomes and increase employee satisfaction, among other things. In this article, RJ Salus of El Camino Hospital shares some of the strategies that El Camino has adopted as they’ve made large strides in improving their HCAHPS scores and overall patient experience.


This Industry Will Get Uberized in 2016


It often seems that almost every start up you hear about is the “Uber of [insert industry here].” But what will “uberize” healthcare? Inc. takes a look at five potential Uber-like disrupters across plastic surgery, dentistry, house calls, pharmacy deliveries, and home care. Where do you think healthcare is most likely to be disrupted by an “uber-like” organization?

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