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Population Health Really Does Work

HealthLeaders Media

Population health is one of the next big changes we’ll be seeing in the future of Healthcare, but as of yet, strong, concrete examples of the implementation and the results of population health are few and far between. Luckily some programs are beginning to gain momentum and this article by Philip Betbeze for HealthLeaders Media follows Dr. Julia Andrieni as she implemented  a population health program at Houston Methodist. this article looks and the reasoning, the process, and the results of Dr. Andrieni’s work and show how population health can improve patient outcomes and lower risk among patients.

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Crux Points Podcast - How personalized patient engagement will drive value-based care

Sitewire Health Dr. Phillip Marshall of Conversa Health joins the podcast to talk about the role personalized patient engagement will play in the transition to value-based care. Look forward to Phillip explaining why a successful transition to value-based care will mean moving on from our visit-centric culture and sharing his thoughts on the recent “Wired for Health” study from Scripps. More information at sitewirehealth.com/cruxpoints


How a Hospital CIO Turns Patient Feedback Into Healthy Outcomes


Recognizing the importance of the experience hospitals must deliver to patients in order to build preference, Yale-New Haven Health System has adopted a strategy to collect real-time feedback from its patients. Utilizing tablets provided to them by nurses, patients answer questions about their experience and, when possible, the hospital aims to improve the experience in real time. Read on to find out how this effort has affected overall patient satisfaction at the health system.

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Does Marketing Have Too Much Control in Big Pharma Clinical Trials?


A clinical trial is one of the most important assets to have when bring a new pharmaceutical to market, but can those trials really be trusted? According to this article by John LaMattina for Forbes, the answer is not always. Research has found that about one fifth of clinical drug trials show signs of being engineered for purely marketing purposes which begs the question: are the companies behind these trials actually looking into the effects of the medicine or are they looking for a less obvious way to sell a product. Read on to find out more!


4 Things Successful Change Leaders Do Well

Harvard Business Review

There’s no doubt that healthcare as a whole is in the midst of a transformation. While each organization is addressing this transformation in different ways, there is quite a bit healthcare leaders can glean from other industries around change management. Because, while more than half of large scale transformation efforts fail, the leaders of those who succeed have many traits in common. In this article, Douglas Ready of M.I.T. shares four of those key traits.

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