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Justice Scalia's Death Leaves Healthcare Cases in Limbo

Modern Healthcare

Late last week, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away which has stirred a lot of conversation about the future of the Supreme Court; however, his absence is an integral point in many healthcare related cases still hanging in the balance. In this article by Lisa Schenker for Modern Healthcare, we learn about Justice Scalia’s history on healthcare related issues, which pending cases’ outcomes could be changed by his absence, and what will happen in the next few years in the Supreme Court and what that means for healthcare legislation.


Barnes-Jewish Hospital Opens New Wing to Test New Care Models

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Sometimes we forget that innovation in healthcare takes a lot of time, money, and experimentation. Finding new ways to care for patients takes a rigorous process before any new treatment plans can be brought into the mainstream. In St. Louis, Barnes-Jewish Hospital has opened a new wing dedicated to testing new care models. In this article by Samantha Liss for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, you’ll find the new and exciting care models that Barnes-Jewish is testing and the specs of their new experimental wing.

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What the Turmoil at Zenefits Reveals About Silicon Valley's Big Problem With Healthcare

The Washington Post

Zenefits, one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley, has been undergoing multiple large scale changes as a result of CEO, Parker Conrad, stepping down amidst a plethora of legal and growth issues. This article for the Washington Post by Carolyn Y. Johnson showcases what went wrong for Zenefits despite their explosive growth and highlights the obstacles facing healthcare startups with a disruptive nature that doesn’t really translate well in the healthcare space.

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Medicare's History Belies Claim That Medicare-For-All Would Disrupt Care

The Huffington Post

The future of the American Healthcare Industry is already a hot topic during in the 2016 Presidential election. Bernie Sanders advocates a “Medicare-for-all” single-payer system, Hillary Clinton wants to expand on the Affordable Care Act, and the Republican candidates want to create something new in and of itself. This big change in American healthcare is going to be important for a large number of people, so we must take a step back and look at the history of healthcare legislation in this country and more specifically when Medicare was introduced. This article by Steffie Woolhander and David Himmelstein for the Huffington Post takes us back to the similar controversies surrounding the introduction of Medicare and how it relates to the impending changes in this Presidential election.


A Digital Health Dilemma: How Healthcare Ruins Text Messaging

MedCity News

It’s pretty widely assumed that mobile is going to be a very important part of the future of healthcare, but is it always necessary. In certain situations, mobile communication can turn into an obstacle that gets in the way of an otherwise smooth treatment plan. This article by Dr. Michael Kirsch for MedCity News showcases his experience of mobile gone wrong in the form of text messaging. Read on to hear Dr. Kirsch’s reasons text messaging should stay out of healthcare.

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