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Medical Advocates Can Help Guide Patients on Difficult Care Choices

Kaiser Health News

Even with the best patient experience model, going through treatment can be a tumultuous and emotional journey. Luckily for those who can afford it, Patient Advocates are available to help walk patients through the treatment process, translate information into patient-friendly terms, and help avoid unnecessary costs. This article by Barbara Sadick for Kaiser Health News takes a look into the world of Patient Advocacy and shares their stories, the costs, and how a Patient Advocate can make your or a loved one’s stay in a hospital bed that much easier.

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Crux Points Podcast - Influencing the Patient Experience: Going Beyond HCAHPS

Sitewire Health

RJ Salus of El Camino Hospital joins the podcast to talk about his experience as a pioneer in the patient experience discipline. Look forward to hearing RJ share his guiding philosophies on the patient experience, why he feels patient experience measurement must go beyond HCAHPS and how his personal experiences have influenced how he approaches his job. More information at sitewirehealth.com/cruxpoints


A Payer and a Partner Make the Case for Extensivists

HealthLeaders Media

A patient’s journey can be very scary and emotional. It doesn’t help that at times there is a seemingly revolving door of doctors, nurses, and other folks during the treatment. Enter the Extensivists. Research has found that for patients with chronic conditions, having one doctor follow them throughout their treatment is extremely beneficial to the patient’s health. It gives them clarity throughout the process, helps with outpatient follow up, and gives patients a familiar face to whom they can build a rapport. Learn more about how some health systems have been incorporating Extensivists into their treatment programs in this article by Alexandra Wilson Pecci for HealthLeaders Media.


Free Standing Emergency Room: Boom or Bust?

Health Standards

Over the last few years we’ve seen an explosion of ambulatory and urgent care centers. what’s the next big trend in retail based care? Free standing emergency rooms. These well equipped rooms are helping to alleviate the congestion that most hospital ERs face, but not everyone seems to think its a great idea. Read more to hear about the benefits and concerns regarding standalone emergency rooms in this article by David Chou for Health Standards.


UK Spending Billions on Health IT, Remote Patient Monitoring

MedCity News

It’s no question that medical record keeping is an arduous and complex process, but across the pond in the U.K., the National Health Service is making a push to go completely paperless and utilize modern technology to improve patient care while lightening the load on hospital systems. Other measures include monitoring chronically ill patients remotely to free up beds for more urgent needs. This article by Neil Versel for MedCity News focuses on the benefits and costs of this new implementation and what it could mean for healthcare in the U.S.

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