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Point of View: Meet the New Healthcare Consumer

Oliver Wyman Healthcare

The industry overall is realizing that the traditional patient model is totally outdated. The healthcare consumer has changed into an entity that looks for the best value, seeks a better experience, and most importantly, votes with their feet and dollars. In this article by Rose Maljanian for Oliver Wyman Health, we learn the trends and definitions surrounding the new healthcare consumer and how the industry must change to adapt to this new persona.

pauls twitterad

[Encore Episode]: How to Evolve Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy Before it Becomes Obsolete

Sitewire Health The Crux Points team is taking this week off, so in the place of a new episode, we’re replaying one of our more popular episodes from earlier this year. Paul Szablowski, Vice President of Brand Experience at Texas Health Resources, discusses how he redesigned his marketing department in just one year, how he and his team use lessons from consumer-focused brands like P&G and airlines to better evolve their strategies and why he doesn’t believe in the idea of patient engagement.


What is Coolsculpting or Cryolipolysis?

Forbes A new trend has been popping up across the U.S. that involves freezing your fat away. It may sound too good to be, but the process involves targeting problem areas, dropping the tissue to just above freezing, and killing fat cells. This article by Bruce Y. Lee for Forbes goes into the whole process, its common uses, and sheds some light on the latest in weight loss technology.


Christians Find Their Own Way to Replace Obamacare

U.S. News In the wake of growing deductibles and costly healthcare, many people have turned to alternative sources to pay for their medical expenses. Some folks are part of health-sharing ministries that help pay for community health expenses as a part of membership in the church. This also exempts people from the fees associated with not purchasing a plan through the ACA. Find out more in this article for U.S. News by Kimberly Leonard.


Ohio Patient Records Found in Recycling Bin

The Columbus Dispatch In a time were cyber-security for healthcare systems is extremely important, sometimes we forget that security breaches can exist in many different forms. It may sound like a joke, but the patient information for about 113,000 people was found in a recycling bin in Ohio. To find out more about the systems affected and what the industry can do to safeguard patient information, read this article by Ben Sutherly for The Columbus Dispatch. That is it for this week. We hope you find value in this newsletter and invite you to share your thoughts in the comments section.  

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