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Sander Says High Premiums, Deductibles Diminish Impact of ACA

Modern Healthcare

On the Democratic side of the presidential election, healthcare is still a hot topic to debate. With Hillary pushing for enhancements to the Affordable Care Act and Bernie Sander pushing for a single payer system, the race seems to grow closer and closer. This article by Shannon Muchmore for Modern Healthcare showcases Sanders’ criticisms of the high deductibles and high premiums that have arisen in the wake of the passing of the ACA. Read more to find out his stances in order to get prepared to go to the polls.


Making the Change from Healthcare Wearables to "Personables"

Sitewire Health

In this episode of the Cruxpoints podcast, Steve and Russ are joined by Kent Dicks, CEO and Founder of Life365. Over the course of this episode we talk about all things wearables: why people are slow to adopt wearables already on the market, the Rain dynamic platform which Life 365 is developing, and the behavioral psychology behind motivating patients to take their medicine, get active, and stay out of the hospital.


What Happens When It's Easier to Visit the Doctor: We Do

The Washington Post

Many thought that the rise of retail-based care providers such as minute clinics and other medical care facilities located in grocery stores, pharmacies, and other non-hospital environments would help decrease healthcare spending over all. New data suggests that healthcare spending is  on the rise. The likely reason: with easier access to non-emergency medical services, more people are being treated for conditions they otherwise wouldn’t seek out treatment for. This article by Carolyn Y. Johnson dives into the research and helps explain what these shifts in the source of treatment means for the healthcare industry overall.


How Can We Provide Access to Better Healthcare Data for Consumers

MedCity News

As the healthcare industry is becoming more consumer driven, access to healthcare data is key. The tools are there, but we have yet to fully utilize them to make the patient experience better and more importantly financially affordable. This article by Joel White for MedCity News outlines the suggestions made by the Clear Choices Campaign on how the Department of Health and Human Services can improve access to data to make healthcare more consumer-friendly.


Hospital Closures Rattle Small Towns

Kaiser Health News

Not all health providers can keep up with the quickly changing pace of the healthcare industry. In recent times, many of the providers who have been hit the hardest are small town hospitals. This article by Sarah Varney for Kaiser Health News showcases the reasons why these hospitals are closing, what it means for the communities around them, and what changes can be made in order to get care to those in the more remote parts of our country.

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