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The New Front Door to Healthcare is Here

Oliver Wyman

What is the new front door to healthcare? Its a concept involving taking certain procedures out of the hospital and into retail clinics, urgent care centers, and into patient’s homes via telehealth. In a nutshell its all about making healthcare more convenient and consumer-friendly. It is clear that the need for a “new front door” is on the rise according to a 2013 Oliver Wyman survey that studied the increasing use of non-traditional medical enters. Find out the numbers associated with the study and what it means for payers, providers, and most importantly patients.


Crux Points Podcast - Transforming the Patient Financial Experience

Sitewire Health John Adractas of Simplee joins the podcast to talk about the sometimes forgotten part of the patient experience – the financial experience. Look forward to John explaining why billing is just one aspect of the patient financial experience, the role transparency plays in the patient financial experience and how a positive financial experience will lead to more patient loyalty. More information at sitewirehealth.com/cruxpoints


A Requiem for Real Medicine: Why I'm Walking Away From Patients and Embracing Entrepreneurship

MedCity News

With healthcare startups popping up all over the place, many doctor’s are leaving their practices to join in on this fast paced culture. their decisions are brought on by a multitude of factors, both bad and good, and are leaving the healthcare industry in an interesting spot. In this piece by Amy Baxter, she shares her story on why she decided to leave her practice to pursue a startup and the variety of reasons from lack of joy to navigating the malpractice maze that prompted her to leave.


Get Comfortable with Bundles

HealthLeaders Media

After the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services mandate that certain hospitals use bundled payments for hip and knee replacements, it seems as if bundled payments are definitively here to stay. Bundled payments have been on the fence for some time now, but the mandate has some systems worried, and others excited. In this article by Philip Betbeze for Healthleaders Media, he discusses the pros and cons of bundled payments, how it affects hospital systems, and how they will impact the future of healthcare payment.


Apple Launches CareKit to Let People Develop Their Own Health Apps

The Verge

Apple has made a heavier push into the medical device industry recently by dropping their latest developer software called CareKit. Caret is an open source platform for people to develop their own health based apps for iOS. With the capability to do things like create medication plan reminders to tracking your pulse and breathing, CareKit seems like it will help bring medical technology into everyone’s hands. In this article by Loren Grush for The Verge, we learn about what CareKit can do for you and which healthcare systems are already putting it to use!

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