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The Blurry Line Between Patient Care and Customer Service

Healthcare Communication News

Anyone is healthcare knows that the patient experience is becoming a much more crucial part of the treatment process. For a long time, many systems touted their medical care as their core competency often times leaving patient experience by the wayside. In this article by Susan Young for Healthcare Communication News, she recounts consumer reporter John Stossel’s story of how he was being treated for lung cancer at a system where the medical care was astounding, but the patient experience lfe much to be desired.


Crux Points Podcast - Building a Better Pre and Post Visit Experience

Sitewire Health Paul Roemer, Global Healthcare Consumerism Leader at IBM joins the podcast to talk about the pre and post visit patient experience. Look forward to Paul sharing why he thinks that many hospitals are delivering a 2.0 care experience but a “.2” pre and post care experience and why he doesn’t believe HCAHPS is a true barometer of the patient experience.


Brazilian Agencies Create Billboard the Kills Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes

Medical Marketing & Media

The Zika epidemic is becoming a bigger problem day after day with more and more cases appearing throughout the South and Central Americas. One Brazilian agency has created a unique campaign that not only brings awareness to the Zika issue, but actively aids in Zika prevention as well. This article by I-Hsien Sherwood for Medical Marketing & Media shines a light on the agency and gives a little more information on how their campaign is helping to stop the spread of the Zika virus.


Patient Skepticism Slows Healthcare Consumerism

HealthLeaders Media

Appealing to the new healthcare consumer is a challenge for many health systems and providers. More and more systems are adopting more transparent prices, but unfortunately, that isn’t quite enough. In this article by Gregory Freeman for HealthLeaders Media, we find more ways in which health systems can nudge consumers into action by focusing on some of the other elements of consumer behavior that other industries have done so well, but healthcare is still currently lacking.


Scientists Unveil the 'Most Clever CRISPR Gadget' So Far

Stat News

For those unfamiliar, CRISPR is a genome technology that has been making waves for both the potential it has for health moving forward into the future and the controversy surrounding its ownership. This article by Sharon Begley for Stat News focuses on the former. Recently, a new version of CRISPR has been created and has the potential to edit the human genome with a high degree of specificity which means that many harmful genetic mutations may be a thing of the past. Keep reading to find more information about the technology, how it works, and what it means for the future of healthcare.

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