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Hospitals Discover Their Inner Venture Capitalist

Modern Healthcare

Its no secret that the healthcare industry is in a disruptive state. Startups are popping up all over the place and there is a lot of money changing hands in this space. Seems like everyone wants a piece of the healthcare pie, but in a somewhat surprising turn of events, hospital systems are beginning to branch out and invest in new healthcare concepts in a way similar to venture capitalists or incubators. In this article for Modern Healthcare by Beth Kutscher, we look at how a few hospital systems have embraced their inner-venture capitalist and are helping to shape the direction of innovation in healthcare.

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How Small Ideas are Helping to Bend the Healthcare Cost Curve

The Fiscal Times

Its not always sweeping policy changes that push healthcare systems into the modern age. Sometimes, its the small things that really help to make a difference. From reducing anesthesia for certain procedures to moving care from the hospital to urgent care or retail-based clinics, there are a variety of simple was to help change healthcare for the better. In this article for the Fiscal Times by Eric Pianin, we learn more small ideas that help to shape the future of healthcare and the best ways to implement these changes.

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Drone Deliveries of Blood Could Transform Healthcare in Africa


Many places on the African continent are hurting for healthcare that is not only high quality, but also affordable and accessible. In fact, in Rwanda, one of the pressing healthcare issues is women passing away after giving birth to their children due to postpartum hemorrhage. Luckily, a new company called Zipline is making use of drone aircraft to deliver usable blood to women in need. This article by Tara Haelle for Forbes showcases the company’s work in Rwanda and how they are changing the way healthcare is delivered in the more remote parts of the world.


More Virtual Care than Office Visits at Kaiser Permanente by 2018

MedCity News

The telehealth industry is growing and growing as part of the overall healthcare initiative to move certain treatments out of the hospital’s and doctors’ offices and into people’s homes. It looks like this trend is going to continue growing as Kaiser Permanente has announced that they plan on having more virtual visits than in-person ones by the year 2018. In this article by Neil Versel for MedCity News, Neil outlines how Kaiser Permanente plans on making this change and how the telehealth trend will help shape other health systems.


1 in 4 Readmissions Avoidable, Researchers Say

HealthLeaders Media

According to a new study, about 1 in 4 hospital readmissions are avoidable. This number may come as a shock, but its important to note that many of these readmissions are not related to the treatment received, but are related to easily manipulated points in the patient journey. In this article for HealtheLeaders Media by Alexandra Wilson Pecci, she looks at the root causes for these readmissions and how best to avoid making the mistakes that are landing patients back in the hospital and costing everyone much much more.

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