Why does customer experience matter? What really is customer experience and how do you define it? Whitney Driscoll breaks down the basics to share some quick takeaways about the importance of CX and what it could mean for your brand.

Collaboration is necessary. We know that multiple perspectives can allow for troubleshooting and extended brainstorming, ultimately leading to project success. We know sometimes that means having uncomfortable moments of truth within our organizations, and difficult conversations that may lead to our already stress-filled lives being a little harder to handle that day. In this blog post Whitney Driscoll talks about how to set change up for success by building your A-team, and how to encourage everyone to lean in whole-heartedly.

With a bottom-up lens, business impacts are proven by the success of the employee and customer relationship. That relationship is what every organization should be trying to build. Whitney Driscoll discusses how in our projects at Cast & Hue, we have seen tremendous value in combining customer and employee experience feedback to get a clearer picture and understanding in our research. These valuable insights serve future decisions, benchmarks, products, and innovations that ultimately put the right people first.

Each Friday, the Cast & Hue team shares five things from the world of healthcare strategy that stood out from the previous week. We’ll share our perspective and we invite you to share yours in the comments. Telehealth Promises to Reshape Health Care Hospitals & Health Networks Telehealth may change healthcare as we know it. According to a Towers Watson analysis, swit ...