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Mapping the Emotional Journey to Create Sustainable Change

A case study from Columbus, OH

How might we better understand the positive and negative experiences that impact the Emergency Department patient journey?

OhioHealth was experiencing declining patient satisfaction scores within their emergency departments. While they had assumptions around the causes of the decline, they asked Cast & Hue to create an approach to identify the root causes of the decline and develop a scalable and sustainable plan to improve the ED patient experience.

Approach Overview

Cast & Hue recommended a three-pronged approach: Uncovering key challenges through patient experience mapping, co-creating solutions for those challenges through Design Thinking, and Experience Design to develop and execute the vision for the new experience.

Experience Mapping

What are the problems we’re trying to solve, and why do they exist?

Design Thinking

What novel solutions can we co-create with patients and family members?

Experience Design

How do we unite the new initiatives and build a roadmap to meet our goal?

Patient Experience Mapping workshops

Patient Experience Mapping workshops brought together patients, their friends and family members, and frontline ED staff to map the journey that patients and family members took through the Emergency Department. Through this process, the patient and friends/family members’ emotional journey was documented and opportunities for improvement were identified. A key output included the identification of six core problems that existed across all patient journeys.

Patients, their friends and family members, and frontline staff collaborated to document the patients’ journey through the Emergency Department.

Patients, their friends and family members, and frontline staff collaborated to document the patients’ journey through the Emergency Department.

Design Thinking Workshops

Design Thinking workshops again brought together patients, their friends and family members and front line ED staff. These collaborative, problem-solving sessions guide participants through the process of gaining empathy, defining problems, and building scalable prototypes.

Design Thinking workshops promote empathy, collaboration, and creativity.

Select examples of the creative prototypes generated at the Design Thinking workshops.

Results: New Experience Design

Through the Patient Experience Mapping and Design Thinking workshops, over 150 potential solutions were co-created by patients, their friends and family, and frontline staff. Cast & Hue then took those solutions, prioritized them based on effort vs. impact, and designed an Experience Blueprint for implementing the new experience.

Over 150 potential solutions were plotted on an effort vs. impact map.

The blueprint for implementing new experiences is based upon all complete work.

By making customers a part of the journey mapping process, Cast & Hue enabled our emergency department staff to see their experience in a totally different light. The opportunities for improvement were truly unexpected, and we co-created a new service experience to impact those defining moments.” - Katy Rigsby System Vice President, Customer Insights, OhioHealth