Thank-you for participating in our presentation

We're glad you were able to participate in our presentation at SMASH 2017! As promised, you can view the presentation from the link below.
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Sparking Innovation

Additionally, We'd like to share with you our design thinking toolkit, containing a selection of resources to get you started with design thinking.

Design thinking toolkit

Thoughts and insights

Did you like what you saw in our presentation? Interested in staying up to date about the future of healthcare and patient experience? We offer a variety of mediums for keeping informed as to what's happening in the the increasingly consumer-driven world of healthcare.

In addition to the insights we offer on our blog, we also offer the Five on Friday newsletter, a weekly roundup of four interesting health articles in healthcare, as well as an original take in the trends affecting patient experience (see examples on our Insights blog). We also publish a bi-weekly podcast, Crux Points, featuring leaders in the patient experience and health marketing world.

Five on Friday

Crux Points Podcast

Each episode of the Healthcare Crux Points Podcast features an interview with a healthcare executive, leader, analyst or other expert who shares their perspective around how providers and other organizations can survive and thrive in this new era of healthcare.

Take a listen to the episode below, "Influencing the Patient Experience: Going Beyond HCAHPS", or find all our episodes on the podcast page. You can also find us in your favorite podcast app.

About Cast & Hue

We help hospitals, healthcare organizations, and care facilities develop a deeper understanding of their patients, customers, and their families, and how they are navigating the healthcare decision-making journey. All of our human-centered solutions are custom-designed based on our clients’ objectives, answering questions such as:

  • How might we better understand our customers and potential customers based on their motivations and intent?
  • How might we ensure that we are at the top of the consideration set when members of our community are deciding where to reside?
  • How might we better understand the points at which our experience is not meeting customer expectations?
  • How might we design improved experiences that lead to improved loyalty, advocacy and satisfaction?
  • How might we bring world-class innovation to our organization on an accelerated timeline?
  • How might we develop an environment where we can gain alignment and collaboration across the silos in our organization?