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We are observers and researchers, facilitators, social scientists, analysts, marketers, and strategists.

Our exclusive method integrates empathy, observation, behavioral psychology, and technology, so together, we can cast a light on the people you serve and gain a deep understanding of their perspectives.

As a sister company to Sitewire, the digital design agency founded in 1999, Cast & Hue has worked alongside consumer brands such as Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Persil, and Kroger. Through those partnerships we’ve gained unique insights into the customer journey and how to develop exceptional experiences.

Meet Our Key Leaders

Katie Marti


Katie is passionate about helping businesses grow and innovate. With measurement at her core, that means striking the right balance between business metrics, unlocking the key to innate motivation inside team members and a deep understanding of customer motivations. With 18+ years in the digital marketing and customer research industry, she’s had the opportunity to work across B2B technology, healthcare, consumer goods, travel, among other industries. Now in her role leading Cast & Hue, she brings her passion for understanding the psychology of decision making together with her drive to uncover paths to growth, innovation and human centered change for businesses.




Steve Koch

Steve Koch

Co-Founder and Senior Vice-President

In his career, Steve has been fortunate to partner with many remarkable brands and organizations. Through it all, his focus has always been on developing a better understanding of customers, patients and employees in order to create better experiences, showcased throughout his 20+ years of experience. As a co-founder of Cast & Hue, he considers himself privileged to be part of the team at Cast & Hue as they utilize human-centered design in order to help all types of organizations transform their customer and employee experience. Some of the clients he has been proud to partner with include Sony Pictures, MedStar Health, Sony, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the United Way, the Los Angeles Dodgers, OhioHealth, Cold Stone Creamery, Clif Bar, Sharp Health, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and other leading organizations. 

Margie Traylor

Margie Traylor

Co-Founder and Senior Advisor, Healthcare

Beyond her role as a co-founder of Cast & Hue, Margie has sat on the board of HonorHealth, a five-hospital system in Scottsdale, Arizona, for 12 years. She is currently a member of the Strategic Planning, Executive Compensation and Quality and Safety Committees. Margie also has a Master's of Healthcare Innovation through the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University and recently graduated from Intermountain Healthcare’s Advanced Training Program for Quality Improvement. She has deep expertise in leading strategic consulting engagements for Fortune 500 consumer retail companies spanning 20+ years.

Jonathan Pathuis

Strategist and Experience Designer

Jonathan is at his best when strategically approaching innovation. He seeks inspiration in everything from storytelling to nature. He keeps an eye out for the way systems and environments intersect and impact each other. He seeks to do more than just help brands tell a story to their customers, he helps them collaboratively write that story together. His client experience includes PetSmart, Medstar Health, The Arizona Department of Economic Security, Henkel, Baystate Health, the Irvine Company and OhioHealth.


Russ Maloney

Maggie Young

Senior Advisor, Strategy & VOC

As a long time customer experience evangelist, Maggie loves to remind people that the most important part of your brand is an individual’s experience. Coming from senior CX positions at Zappos, Citi and UserTesting, she understands the need to gather and share customer knowledge to create a culture of customer centricity. A pragmatist, Maggie relishes using existing data sources to complement new research and then humanizing that data to make impactful business decisions across the organization. As a senior strategic leader at Cast & Hue, she works with our clients to create and implement plans to move their customer experience efforts forward. In her experience, Maggie has worked on projects for Nebraska Medicine, MedStar Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and the Flinn Foundation.

Whitney Driscoll

Director, Strategy

Whitney has an insatiable motivation to bring human connection to a corporate world. Her purpose is to harness knowledge about what connections fuel us as people, and tap into those in a place they’re often ignored the most - business. A strategic consultant with 10 years experience of leading complex projects across multiple teams and industries, her expertise spans healthcare, finance, retail, robotics, heavy equipment, and more. Whitney mastered her craft of Applied Psychology with the University of Southern California. Her client experience includes Baystate Health, MedStar Health, Nebraska Medicine, OhioHealth, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, P.F. Chang’s, The Arizona Department of Economic Security and beyond.

John Strebler

Strategist and Analyst

John’s roots are in technology - as an entrepreneur, business analyst and leader in web and application development. It was in this space that his passion for improving experience was born, becoming a strong advocate for the often overlooked areas of accessibility and performance. With Cast & Hue, John now tackles broader customer and patient experience challenges using human-centered design. He loves the puzzles of finding insights through analysis, and enjoys both the quant and qual sides of research. His client experience includes Aetna, Sharp HealthCare, United Way, OhioHealth, MultiCare, Irvine Company, Avnet and the Arizona Department of Economic Security.

Taylor Hughes

Jr. Strategist

Taylor is enthusiastic and passionate about enabling clients to discover unique insights through research. As a student consultant, she worked with biopharmaceutical clients to convert data into actionable insights and drive project progress. In her role at Cast & Hue, she enables clients to co-create in a virtual environment, translates ideas into strategy, and emphasizes engaging and open communication. Her client experience includes OhioHealth, MultiCare, the Arizona Department of Economic Security, Avnet, and more.



Dylan Labadie

Marketing Coordinator

Dylan has a focus on the creation of company marketing materials with skills in a multitude of creative software and mediums. He also manages Cast & Hue’s social media platforms and ad campaigns with his paid media experience from our sister agency, Tailwind. Dylan plays a flexible role within the team by using his creative software experience for both in house and client materials such as assisting with the visualization of client prototypes within design workshops. His client experience includes OhioHealth, the Arizona Department of Economic Security, P.F. Changs, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and more.