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We believe in sharing

Innovation doesn’t happen in a bubble. That’s why we take a co-creative approach to our work. In addition to our traditional projects, we work with organizations to train and educate employees on how to incorporate human-centered design principles in their everyday work.

Design thinking training

As those who have experienced it know, design thinking is a powerful tool to help unlock innovations and insights that can change the course of a business or organization. In fact, design thinking is one of the most powerful tools to unlock customer-centered innovation, which is why companies like Google, IBM, GE and P&G have gone to great lengths to equip their employees with design thinking skills.

Based on recent customer demand, we’re excited to share that we’ve distilled the best parts of that approach into an immersive curriculum to help companies jump-start their human-centered design capabilities. The courses are active, not passive – we tackle a real problem or project so your organization can go from zero to full understanding in a condensed timeframe. It’s not just training, it’s real work with real outcomes.

We’ve gotten rave reviews from our graduates and we are excited to make this offering available to other forward-thinking brands. We offer several levels of our training, including one-day, two-day, three-day, full-week, or multiple-week engagements.

Speeches, keynotes, and webinars

In addition to our project-based training workshops, we also offer a variety of keynote speeches to help train your employees on various aspects of human-centered design. All of our speeches can be adapted to your specific circumstances, making it an efficient way to disseminate actionable knowledge throughout your company. We offer the below sessions in either a webinar or in-person format.

Constraint driven innovation

In this dynamic interactive presentation, you will learn 5 different techniques to unlock hidden sources of inventiveness. During the workshop portion, we will tackle and solve some of your key business challenges. And most importantly, your team will learn the secrets of mindset and how to use constraints to improve thinking, creativity, and problem-solving.

Nudging brand perceptions: Behavioral economics and patient experience design

Our perceptions of brands extremely influence our experience with their services and product. For healthcare providers, crucial moments along the patient journey can make or break those experiences. Therefore, as patient experience designers, it behooves us to take a closer look at how we can use the science of behavioral economics to design better patient experiences through the understanding of perceptions. In this talk, we’ll attempt to answer these questions using three principles of behavioral economics. What makes patients loyal to a provider and why do they switch? How can we give patients the power to add value to a provider brand? And, what crucial moment along a patient journey matters most to the perception of the patient?

The importance of emotion within the patient experience

While we’d all like to believe that our patients evaluate their experiences based on rational, well-thought out reasons, the truth is that the emotions play a larger role in that evaluation than many of us realize. This talk will take a look at why emotions are so important to the patient experience and provide the steps you can take to ensure you are optimizing your patients’ emotional journeys through your hospital or health system.