Icon – Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights

Design research
consumer & employee interviews
market research

Understanding the elements that drive decision-making.

Positive experiences begin with the human perspective. We use in-depth interviews, workshops and other qualitative research methods to foster empathy, which informs our strategy.
We use the Jobs-to-be-Done framework to uncover:
  • Decision-making drivers
  • Functional and emotional needs
  • Competitive insights
  • Opportunities to innovate
Icon – Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping

Consumer Needs
Friction points
defining moments
experience gaps

Define and improve key touchpoints in the journey.

No one knows the consumer journey as well as your consumers. We include customers, patients and employees at the center of the journey mapping process to understand key emotional states and defining moments at every touchpoint.
Journey mapping is a jumping-off point for:
  • Experience design projects
  • Sysytems mapping
  • Services design
  • Product development
Icon – Design Thinking Workshops

Design Thinking Workshops

Design Sprints
Strategy Sessions
Problem Framing

Strategize and design in a collaborative setting.

Collaboration and co-creation are fundamental to our work. We leverage the collective wisdom of customers, researchers, employees and leaders to uncover solutions that wouldn’t emerge during a typical internal ideation session.
Cast & Hue's design thinking workshops:
  • Develop solutions that better serve end users
  • Lay the groundwork for an experience strategy
  • Facilitate ideation, prototyping and testing
  • Align your team to a common goal
Icon – Experience Design

Experience Design

Experience Blueprinting
Service Blueprinting
Experience Strategy
Implementation Strategy

Make experience your differentiator.

Experience is one of the few ways to compete in commoditized markets. We integrate the end user’s voice throughout our process to design experiences that are both meaningful and effective for consumers.
Each project culminates in an experience blueprint, which includes:
  • Current and ideal emotions at each stage
  • Wayfinding elements that guide consumers
  • Continua, or themes, that direct every phase
  • Experience anchors that drive perception
Icon – Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Audience Insights
Messaging Strategy
Personas and Segmentation

Build informed marketing and communication strategies.

Cast & Hue laid its roots in the marketing world, branching off in 2014 to hone in on human-centered design. With brand strategy in our DNA, our recommendations are actionable and growth-focused.
Our audience-focused insights guide:
  • Marketing and communication
  • Segmentation and personas
  • Product strategy
  • Brand innovation