Collaborative. Curious. Human-centered.
We are Cast & Hue.

We believe creativity thrives within structure.

Our process is uniquely tailored to each project, but we tackle every challenge with a proven approach.


We lean into consumer and employee insights that make up the human perspective.


We solve design challenges side-by-side with the people who are most impacted.


We don’t leave you with ideas. We create a strategy for implementing change.

What sets us apart.

not just reports.

Any consulting firm can put together a nice-looking report. We’re more concerned with creating a strategy you can execute on (and measure).

not cognitive bias.

The human brain loves putting things in boxes. We challenge ourselves and clients to set assumptions aside and embrace different ways of thinking.

not just breadth.

Going a mile wide and an inch deep keeps you at the surface level. We marry volume with depth to develop a stronger understanding.
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Informed strategy
not impulse.

When making recommendations, we don’t listen to our gut. We listen to the data — and more importantly, the humans behind it.
I've engaged a lot of different consultants. One thing that distinguishes Cast & Hue is a strong desire to really understand our business.
My business is not like other businesses. Cast & Hue understood. Everybody on their side really bought in and became part of our mission.
Jeff Morley
Assistant Director, DBME
Arizona Department of Economic Security

What you can expect partnering with us.

Adaptable Advisors

We stay focused on your unique challenges, customizing our approach to fit your specific needs and meet your goals.

Leaders That Listen

The best ideas come from a variety of perspectives. We begin by listening to your consumers, employees and community.

An Open Book

We don’t just do — we teach. Over the course of your project, your team learns how to continue the process on their own.

Multifaceted minds working as one.

Cast & Hue is a collective of diverse thinkers united by a human-centered philosophy. Our strength lies in the unique perspectives and areas of expertise we bring to every challenge.

Steve Koch

Managing Partner
Steve evolved from a career in marketing and advertising to experience design. He focuses on understanding consumer needs, motivations and decision-making drivers to design experiences that differentiate brands in competitive markets.
Outside of a workshop, you’ll find Steve on a hiking trail, snowboarding down a mountain, or hanging with his wife and their two dogs.

Jonathan Pathuis

Managing Partner
Early in his career as a digital marketer, Jonathan realized many brands were missing truly differentiated experiences that reflected their messaging. Today he tackles that challenge through intentional listening and wild creative sessions.
Jonathan enjoys growing his own food and is a Master Gardener in his spare time.

Meredith Baker

Healthcare Strategist
A nurse turned consultant, Meredith has worked extensively with health systems, payors and startups on a range of initiatives. She is adept at facilitating open dialogue and breaking down silos to preserve the human element in healthcare.
Meredith is a mother, a Baker (pun intended) and also a cook with her own food blog.

Salvador Bravo

Design Strategist
Salvador is fueled to understand how consumers make decisions, what drives their behaviors and what shapes their journeys. He designs impactful, seamless experiences for brands in all fields, from healthcare to finance.
Salvador is a thoughtful father and husband who likes exploring natural wine and new ways of thinking.

Lucila Garcia

Communications Strategist
Lucila is a veteran communications strategist with a deep understanding of the Hispanic audience. She crafts human-centered campaigns for mission-driven companies and nonprofits. Her expertise drives impactful results, making her a trusted leader in her field.
Lucila loves traveling to destinations by the ocean.

Gabriela Karolak

Design Strategist
Gabriela believes great design comes from empowering and collaborating with the people who are directly impacted by new innovations. She uses a variety of ethnographic research methods to take all perspectives into account.
Gabriela is a professor at Parsons School of Design and enjoys flipping furniture and taking long walks.

Jared Johnson

Healthcare Strategist
Working at medical device companies, Jared tested new technologies and learned to leverage their strengths to drive behavior change. He advocates for improving experiences in mission-based fields as a two-time author and host of the Healthcare Rap podcast.
Jared enjoys running obstacle course races and hiking with his wife and four children.

David Schlinkert

Design Researcher
David brings extensive experience in applied policy research to our team, with a focus on empowering disadvantaged populations. His expertise includes mixed-methods research, data analysis, advocacy and training.
David and his family live in Phoenix, Arizona and travel abroad regularly. He’s explored over 45 countries!