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Be patient-centered.

By design.

Join leading hospitals and health systems taking a human-centered approach to care with Cast & Hue.



have many choices. We make sure you're their first.

Experience makes a difference.


The first touchpoint with your brand leaves a lasting impression. Use experience as a competitive advantage to attract patients and staff.


State-of-the-art facilities aren’t enough to secure long-term loyalty. People remember (and base decisions on) how you made them feel.


Happy customers are a force to be reckoned with. Turn customers into brand advocates by designing experiences worth talking about.


Human-centered design is about connection. We help you understand and better support healthcare consumers, patients and employees.

You can guess how they feel.


Or you can know for sure.

There’s wisdom within the human perspective. We capture it, organize it and build with it as our foundation. Human-centered design begins with consumer and employee insights.

How we helped OhioHealth improve the Emergency Department experience.

Everyone wants to feel heard, including your consumers. This is the philosophy behind human-centered design. Our approach creates people-centric experiences that exceed expectations.
Up to 6 point increase in “likelihood to recommend” scores.
5.1 point increase in “informed about delays” score.
Up to 7.6 point increase in one emergency department’s “comfort of waiting area” score.
Over 4 point increase in “helpfulness of first person encountered” scores.

The power of our approach.

Clients tell us that our research probes deeper than traditional surveys or focus groups. Their patients tell us that they feel heard.
All organizations should put their clients at the center. But in medicine, you’re more than a client.
When a healthcare company takes time to understand how patients feel — whether it’s stressed, concerned, worried — it’s very comforting. It shows you that you’re going to the right place.
Patient Participant
Cast & Hue Design Thinking Workshop
This turned my bad experience with the organization into a good one.
The workshop sent a message that they care about their service and how they provide care.
Patient Participant
Cast & Hue Design Thinking Workshop